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Autumn servicing

By z4028651230, Oct 26 2016 10:19PM

The summer has gone and autumn has well and truly settled in. You might think your #airconditioning units can be forgotten about for a few months and you can start thinking about turning your units back on again in the spring.

The fact is though that most air conditioning units continue to operate over the winter; this is true for units which cool server rooms & comms rooms etc as well as systems which serve shops, offices and even homes because these systems also provide heating in these cooler months - this is the reason why these units are called #heat pumps !

As the leaves fall and the winds pick up, leaves and other materials can gather around your outdoor units causing failures, which can be expensive to repair, or can cause your system to run inefficiently, delivering you less comfort and costing you more to run. Damp or wet leaves and further debris building up around your #condensing unit can cause mould and mildew to build up too, potentially clogging up your coil. If your system operates on #heating, then the outdoor unit will go in to defrost mode often and this 'melt' water may cause leaves etc to clog further around your condenser coil.

Why not let Hertfordshire Air Conditioning give your air conditioning systems a winter service? Contact us today!! www.hertfordshireaircon.co.uk @hacqbal54a

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