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TM44 Air Conditioning inspections

By z4028651230, Sep 15 2016 10:02PM

TM44 – what is it and how does it impact me?

TM44 is the CIBSE document which is used as a guidance note to comply with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) within the UK. This relates to inspections of Air Conditioning systems within buildings.

Which systems require an air conditioning inspection? Well, buildings containing air conditioning systems with an overall rated output of more than 12kW must comply and have a TM44 inspection. Note: this isn’t just if you have a unit over 12kW – this is cumulative so if you have 3 units rated at 5kW, you must have a TM44 inspection as your overall rated output is 15kW. If you have any doubts as to how to calculate this rating, please do get in touch as we’re happy to assist.

Increasingly, companies who want to achieve ISO accreditation, specifically ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, are requiring TM44 inspections. Many are surprised to learn they are in fact not compliant presently. Failure to show a TM44 certificate can jeopardize your ISO accreditation, as well as landing you a substantial fine.

With air conditioning systems in a typical building being responsible for up to 40% of energy consumption, the reasons for knowing how efficient your systems are is not just a matter of compliance.

Your inspection report will show you improvements you can make to your systems to make them more efficient and this may include replacing them completely – to take advantage of energy efficient inverter compressors, EC or digital motors, higher pressure and more efficient refrigerant and modern units with higher COP’s and SEER’s and more efficient heat transfer properties such as high efficiency coils. Often it might be a recommendation to have your coils thoroughly cleaned, or advice on how to set your controller up to prevent out of hours operation, or perhaps just adjusting your set-point.

Whilst it is a legal requirement to have an inspection undertaken, it is not a legal requirement to undertake any of the recommendations noted in the report. Be aware though, the person who controls the operation of the system – not the person who adjust the set-point from time to time but the person who controls the technical functioning and operation of the system – is responsible for ensuring this inspection takes place. Enforcement of TM44 inspections lies with Trading Standards Offices in your local area. If your system is non-compliant, the person responsible for the technical functioning may be liable for a personal fine.

Best to be compliant we say here at Hertfordshire Air Conditioning!

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